Intelligent use of more of your solar energy
SC-110 Solar Monitor and Controller
The SC-110 solar controller monitors your array output and energy going into or being exported to the grid and automatically switches on or off up to eight different mains circuits.  Circuits are switched on or off 24/7 based on rules that you control.

Less expensive than bateries and better than timers that don't know if or how much power your solar array is generating at any time.   Turn on circuits when enough power is available.   Runs all your circuits for the amount of time you specify. 

Circuits can consist of pool pumps, water heaters, heated towel racks, jacuzzis, electric car chargers - anything that can be turned on or off at your electrical box/circuit breaker panel.

The SC-110 also enables you to take manual control and/or turn circuits on or off based on the time of day.

The SC-110 color display shows you what your array is doing and what circuits are on or off.   Switching is done using readily available contactors via radio.

Energy data can also be monitored to your bluetooth connected tablet or smart phone and logged to a file.

Automatic Control
You can prioritize which circuits are turned on first or turned off based on how much solar energy is available at the time.   If clouds reduce the amount of energy the SC-110 can turn off lower priority circuits and turn them back on again when the clouds have passed.   You can specify circuits to be run even on low energy days so you are sure of having hot water for your morning shower.

The SC-110 is menu driven with easy to understand pull-down menus using the four front panel buttons as shown on the following pages.

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